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AHOY 2014 Convention Pictures!

A Weekend of Humanism!

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The Humanist Society of South Australia recently hosted the Australian Humanist of the Year Award 2014 Dinner on Saturday May 10. We heard Hugh Wilson of the Secular Lobby talk about the most recent High Court Challenge to the constitutional legality of the NSCP (school chaplains) and listened to Geoffrey Robertson talk live from the Hague as he accepted the 2014 Australian Humanist of the Year Award!

It was e a fun and interesting night hosted by the Humanist Society of South Australia with Arch-Atheist Scott Sharrad as MC and musical entertainment provided by the Adelaide University Musician’s Guild.thepanelThe panel on Science Denialism (Sunday 10:30am) was be held at the Old Adelaide Inn (O’Connell St) and included Prof Barry Brook (Climate scientist), Ms Moira Clarke (Online Opinion Secularist), and Prof Ian Musgrave (Pharmacology).

Bwambale RobertBwambale Robert
This boat is part of the campaign to debunk superstition where scores of local Ugandans still believe that Wealth can be got by going under the sea or lakes. Proper usage of lakes and its resources can bring in wealth. Stop being conned by witch doctors. Its unfortunate that some religious zealots justifies all these messy acts in society. Debunking the myths! no to magics, No to superstitions, No to witchcraft, Say no to witch hunts. Big shame to religious zealots who misguide locals about what we do and who we are.

 February 19, 2017 16:23

Scott SharradScott Sharrad
Please share far and wide! Let's make this event one to be remembered!

Council of Australian Humanist Societies
February 18, 2017 03:45

Bwambale RobertBwambale Robert
Roofing works in progress for the 2 classroom, Roofing works on these classes has been possible because of funds donated by Patrick Ketaner, Sybil De Clark & Aydin Tunkut. With science, we can progress.

 February 15, 2017 20:17

Arun MajiArun Maji

Arun Maji
February 6, 2017 13:40