What has HumanistSA achieved?

  • We’ve recreated the Humanist Society in South Australia in 2012. The society now has a solid membership base and continues to grow.
  • We now hold monthly meetings that include speakers and topics relevant to Progressive Humanism & atheism along with well attended monthly social meetings.
  • We ran the hugely successful CAHS national Humanist convention in Adelaide featuring a live speech from Geoffrey Robertson QC, a brief direct from the High Court Challenge on Chaplaincy funding in Australia, and a science panel on climate change denialism, vaccine denialism and creationism.
  • We produced a video that went to the Press triggering a nationally covered article that outed Schools Ministries Group’s Angela Jolly saying she wanted Christian influence in all schools in SA. This resulted in a letter from the Education Minister stating that Angela Jolly had been called in to a “please explain” meeting.
  • We visited to Nepal to deliver aid, inspect conditions and paperwork for a orphanage in Kathmandu.
  • We’re incorporating “Inspire the World” – a charity picking kids off the streets in Nepal and giving them a full education and future.
  • We continue to strongly support and highlight other charities that align with our ethos.
  • Along with the Atheist Community of SA, we provided shelter to a Pakistani refugee fleeing due to his atheist understanding of the world. We also wrote letters to ensure that he obtained a Protection Visa.
  • We’ve got a Youtube channel – some videos with ~30,000 views.
  • We’re working with the Education Union on SA Government Policy, to help prevent religious organisations accessing our schools.
  • We’re campaigning for Tax Office to give Humanism the same rights as religions in Australia (whilst not being listed as a religion!)
  • We achieved Charity status.
  • We’ve written letters to editors and to/from Ministers of Parliament.
  • We’ve produced submissions on Government decisions.
  • We now produce a Bi-monthly newsletter.

And it’s just the start…