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Advancing education

advocation of Science in public affairs; public educational lectures; workshops on scientific discoveries and principles; scholarships to students and informal education aimed at the development of citizenship and core life skills.

Advancing social or public welfare

the relief of poverty, distress or disadvantage of individuals or families through provision of services such as food kitchens; counselling services, and life skill training; alleviating disadvantage experienced by refugees upon arrival in Australia through provision of accommodation, social education and counselling services; addressing disadvantage through international development and through overseas aid.

Advancing culture

promoting the advancement of Australia’s cultural basis on the principles of the Enlightenment, Reason, and tolerance through public lectures, public comment, and artistic endeavour.

Promoting reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance between groups of individuals that are in Australia

Humanism advances the understanding that many differences between people are artificial or have their basis in fictions. We actively engage with migrant communities to assist them in understanding how modern societies operate where differences of opinion hold sway.

Promoting or protecting human rights

The Universal Declaration on Human Rights is a document that was developed by Humanist Society members within the UN and was based on Humanist principles. The Humanist Society of SA is therefore a strong human rights proponent, advancing compassion and human rights in public lectures,public comment, submissions, and position papers.

Preventing or relieving the suffering of animals

Humanists believe that unnecessary suffering of animals is unwarranted based on scientific studies of animal self-awareness. We therefore advocate strongly against animal cruelty (which also dulls people against all forms of cruelty) through the use of public lectures, submissions, public comment and positions papers.

Advancing the natural environment

Humanists understand that we are not outside of nature but are part of it. Diminishing the environment (even if only aesthetically) diminishes ourselves and our survivability. Therefore we stand for the environment rather than claiming we have a innate right to abuse it. This is advanced through the use of public lectures, submissions, public comment and position papers.

Purposes beneficial to the general public and analogous to other charitable purposes

HumanistSA’s role holds some less-than-obvious analogies to that of religious organisations (without being religious at all). We advance the ideas that non-religious people (constituting a minimum of 30% of all Australians) have a duty to themselves and others to be good citizens for Australia, and that moral behaviour is instinctually built into us for our own well-being and survival. We aim to conduct life-event ceremonies such as Marriages, Funerals and Baby-Naming days. We produce social and community event thus providing succour for the non-religious and others in need. We advance the idea that society is a communal effort that requires input from all of us. We provide charitable care for people in need. We provide fortnightly discussion meetings for ethical and social issues as well as providing on-line forums for community involvement.

Who is (or who will be) helped by your organisation’s main activities?

We believe that all of Australian society can benefit from understanding our ongoing evolution towards progressiveness based on pluralism, tolerance, and acceptance of the human condition. We will assist the non-religious in maintaining life skills based on an ethical life stance that provides a realistic yet optimistic attitude that prepares us to face our communal human future. We will directly assist those in crisis and petition on their behalf. This especially includes migrants who have yet to understand how they fit in to Australian society.

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