The Humanist Society of South Australia  Inc (HSSA)

ABN: 72 503 584 703   Incorporation no: A41634

The Humanist Society of South Australia is an Incorporated Non-Profit association of non-religious people who seek a rational constructive approach to all human affairs. It offers a positive alternative to religions and dogmatic creeds. It acts to defend freedom of opinion and the expression of that opinion as well as every other civil liberty of the individual.

It supports via legislation any other democratic and constitutional means to improve social conditions. It supports the widest concept of education for all people for the better understanding and enjoyment of human life.

Humanists believe that conduct should be based on humanity, insight and reason. Human problems can only be solved through the application of intelligence and humanly derived ethics without looking for supernatural aid. This is our one and only life and we therefore strive to make it worthwhile for ourselves, others and future generations. We make no claim to special knowledge or final answers, since we regard the search for understanding as a continuing process.

The objects for which the Society is established are:-

  1. To promote Humanism as a positive and constructive alternative to religions and dogmatic creeds
  2. To provide cultural and intellectual support for people who are non-religious.
  3. To act as an advocate for the rights of non-religious people.
  4. To encourage a rational approach to human problems and promote the fullest possible use of science for human welfare.
  5. To publish and distribute literature furthering the cause of Humanism.
  6. To affiliate or co-operate with other organisations having similar interests.
  7. To conduct meetings, lectures, conferences, or to engage in any projects useful to furthering the aims of the society.
  8. To cultivate, maintain and defend freedom of expression and freedom of the individual, compatible with the rights of others.
  9. To acquire, hold, sell, mortgage or let property of any kind or description for the general purposes and benefit of the Society.

A list of the achievements of the Society can be seen HERE.